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About Us

Our Story

How It All Started

It’s summer 2020, tight restrictions are in place and the country is in complete lockdown due to the COVID-pandemic.  Life has somehow slowed down and one day I decided to do a wardrobe declutter. I came across piles of fabric remnants and cut-offs from past upholstery projects. Beautiful bits and pieces of fabric that just wouldn’t be enough for other projects anymore.


In With The Old...

I love antique furniture and the craft of traditional upholstery. I grew up, watching my father restore antique furniture and upholster chairs and sofas. The process of taking something old and tired and transforming it into something beautiful and usable again is such a rewarding process. I have also inherited my love for interior design and all things beautiful from my parents and love finding old pieces and uncovering gems at antique and vintage fairs.

But back to the fabric remnants…I wondered what I could do with them and when I looked around the room, my eyes fell on my meditation cushion. It could certainly do with a new cover and why not upcycle/repurpose upholstery fabric that would potentially go to waste? THE IDEA WAS BORN!

Teaming Up

However, I needed some help to bring my vision to life and so my incredibly talented friend Sarah joined my mission. Together, we now design and make beautiful, unique, and functional lifestyle products, using sustainable, recycled or upcycled materials wherever possible. What started with accessories for our yoga and meditation practice, has slowly grown into a range of beautiful and sustainable lifestyle products. We both also live by these values, being conscious about how we interact with our environment and other people, being kind and as sustainable as currently possible in our general life choices.


Hi, I'm Nadine...

You’ve already learnt about my love of antiques, traditional upholstery, yoga, meditation and our beautiful planet. What do I do if I’m not making sustainable lifestyle products? I’m a Coach, specialising in Stressmanagement and Burnout Prevention. A burnout had led me to train in a variety of health and wellbeing disciplines. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience of health and wellbeing with other people and help them find their balance in life. If you want to know more about my coaching click here.

Before becoming a coach I had worked as a multilingual marketing professional in Germany, Belgium and here in the UK. I moved to Kenilworth, Warwickshire with my family 13 years ago and have made this lovely town my home. I love travelling and exploring new countries and cultures and take a lot of inspiration from that.

...and I'm Sarah


Well, it all started with a meditation cushion and some remnants of upholstery fabric.

Since I retired from full time teaching and examining a few years ago I have spent much of my time walking, cycling, practicing yoga and sewing. A sewing machine has never been far from our kitchen table, and I have been making clothes, curtains and bags for friends and family for many years. I really enjoy knowing that each item that I make is unique and it adds a personal touch that is quite special. I also try to get as much as possible out of all of the fabric that I use. I will happily line a bag with the same fabric I have used to make someone else’s shirt.

During the pandemic sewing went into overdrive as I joined the ‘Kenilworth Scrubbers’. We were a group of people who could sew, and we made hundreds of sets of scrubs for NHS workers and used remnants to make face masks.  Every effort was made to use every scrap of fabric for a useful purpose. I am naturally a frugal person, so it suited me to see that nothing went to waste. 

As time goes on, we watch with pride as our children and grandchildren make decisions about the way they live based on the impact that it might have on the natural world.  We did not. Too busy or blinkered to pay attention. But I am learning.

So, when Nadine suggested making meditation cushions out of remnants of upholstery fabric I was happy to help. Seeing a unique cushion emerge from beautiful fabric that had essentially been discarded was very rewarding. Now we have small collections of individually designed, hand made meditation cushions and yoga mat bags, of which every element has been sustainably sourced, as well as other eco-friendly and ethical lifestyle products.  

So, here’s to the future!

Blue and cream damask_resized

Our Impact

Sustainability is not just a trend for us. Our world is facing environmental and social crises. Climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, plastic polluted oceans, deforestation and ever increasing wildfires etc., our planet and its population under huge pressure. We therefore believe in only using materials and processes that cause the least amount of damage to our planet. Our products come in recycled or recyclable packaging to lower our impact even further. 

We can all do our part to help lower our impact and we should do it now. However, sustainability does not only relate to our environment but is also intertwined with economical and social factors. We therefore make sure that we as well as our suppliers work in sustainable and ethical manner.

Little did we know, that we were in for such an exciting journey.  We hope you’ll love our products as much as we love making or sourcing them.

Some love

From Our Customers

״I love this brand. The products truly embrace wellness. The quality is amazing and their essence help you connect with yourself as they are sustainable and not industrialised. Looking at my eye pillow encourages me to have me-time after a long day."

Gaby M. Alencaster

״I'm learning more about the importance of the changes I make at home and in my workplace to switch to non plastic, sustainable, organic and ethically produced products where possible and I love that Nadine has created this service to tie in with self care and stress management. As a busy parent running a small business, these services are such a good support to keep you feeling grounded and a calm, more positive version of yourself. I love my eye pillow and I keep it in the fridge and zone out once the little one is in bed. It really helps."

Leigh Jerzyszek, owner at Pro Beauty

Our Mission:

  • Giving materials a new lease of life through re-using, re-purposing and up- or re-cycling.
  • Reducing our environmental footprint in any way possible and viable for our business.
  • Educating people, that every little contribution will eventually add up and make a difference.
  • Supporting and working with local businesses, that share the same values.
  • Supporting environmental non-profits in their important work of wildlife and nature conservation, ocean clean-ups, reforestation, and other environmental efforts.
  • Supporting a special charity which develops and scales technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. Ocean Cleanup 
    Head to our dedicated fundraiser page to get involved.
Made With Love, Sustainable, Ethical

Our Values

Made with Love




Made in the UK

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